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love ya all!~:heart: make sure to get lost in all our tons & tons & TONS of really adorable arts featured~
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all small beasts
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Mar 16, 2010


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To collect and share pictures of adorable animals!

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c h e c k . o u t . t h e
A W E S O M E . A F F I L I A T E S !!!


hey~~~:iconyaymrpuffinplz: if there's a question or problem that needs to be solved- go ahead and comment on the guild page! We'll try to have someone get an answer to you.
Unfortunately, some of our higher admins are no longer active :(

(* ' u ' *)

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In a note related to my last journal entry (over a year ago), I'm going to talk about the past of this guild and it's future.
This is going to cover a lot, but please at least skim over it or read the "tl;dr" at the end.

the edit for today has been bolded

First off, on the note of old/current admins on this group:
Please note I am no attempting to smear anyone's name in any way, this is just me trying to talk about the facts.
The founder and one Co-founder of this group have not been seen for over two years, and the lovely co-founder that promoted me hasn't had any activity on DA in almost two months.
This poses a bit of a problem for the life of the group. There isn't really anyone to exercise supreme control over the co-mods and contributors, and there are some things about the group that cannot be changed.
There unfortunately cannot be anything done about this.   Founders are the only ones with the power to step-down and give their crown to another, and I do not know them in real life.
This is not something that can be held against them either, because I do not know them in real life.  Everyone has reasons for what they do and we must respect their choices not to partake in this community if they don't want to or cannot for any reason. We simple must make due.
That's what I'm trying to do here... I'm trying to simple press on and get the group to be something more than it currently is.  I hope no-one feels I'm stepping on toes, I just feel like something should happen.

As a co-founder, I have a lot of control, but not enough to change everything.  For example, I wish I could make it so contributors could vote on gallery submissions, but I cannot.
The reason I wish I could do that is because I don't like having total power here, I want others opinions.  The only way I can get that though, is with more co-contributors.
see where this is going?

I want to offer a positions for co-contributors of this group.

What this means for you, if you become one:
You would have as much admin power as I do, and that's a lot.  Like, almost all of the power.
We have the ability to control who can submit to the group and whether it requires votes or is automatically accepted.  We have the ability to change the status of other members in the group, including other co-founders.
That last bit there is what is making me hesitate.  I NEED to know that you are trustworthy, and that you won't abuse your power.
I also need to know that you understand or can quickly learn the admin area of groups.
In the admin area we have an area to chat, if you get accepted that will be where you see what is expected of you and the rules I want us all to abide by.
those include:  Don't change any of the submission rules or member abilities without discussing it with the other co-founders first, and don't promote or demote anyone to or from co-founder status.

Now, if you want to become a co-contributor please send a note to the group with at least this information:
How long have you been a member of this group?
Why do want to be a co-founder?
How often do you contribute to the gallery?
Do you feel to you be totally objective when it comes to submissions, and not be swayed to accept something because it's a friend, or yourself?
Do you have anyone that can vouch for you here on DA as a trustworthy group admin, or a trustworthy person in general?
How much attention can you give to your job as a co-founder? Is there anything that can keep you from doing it?

I might end up chatting with you or asking more questions before promoting you, or not.  If I refuse, please don't take this as an attack on you, we simply are not looking for more co-founders at the time or I'm not 100% on your ability to preform as well as I'd wish.
If you are a co-founder that I promote and I feel you are shady, or if you aren't doing your job, I might demote you to contributor,  demote you to member, or even boot you from the group if you REALLY mess up.  You can always plead your case afterwards, and we (I and any other co-founders) will discuss your fate.

What new co-members mean for the group:
There will be more leadership, and more ideas floating around in the ranks!  Not to mention different people have different tastes.... New people being permitted to vote on incoming submissions means the possibility of new submissions!

While I'm at this, I'm also looking to promote people to contributors.  If you are already a contributor, don't fret.  I'm not going to demote you.  I simply want more people that are active members of the group to get more recognition.

As a contributor, you have the ability to:
Get submissions in ALL folders in with less votes~
Invite to members and contributors! (subject to vote)
View the admin area (I need a contributor to tell me what you guys can see and do, please)
Edit some parts of the groups "favorites" and submit suggestions for them!

If you want to be a contributor, please note the group with:
How long have you been a member of this group?
How often do you submit art to our gallery?
Why do you want to become a contributor?

if you are an active member with what I or other co-founders feel is great quality art, you'll be promoted.
There will be rules in the admin area for you to read, but nothing too different from the normal group rules. If you do not abide by them however, you may be demoted to a normal member again or even booted from the group.

My Ideas for the Future of Wee-Beasties:

So far the featured folder has been closed for some time, since I opened the other folders and expected you all to submit to the correct places.
However, in addition to allowing Contributors to have the ability to submit their art to the featured folder, I'm thinking it should also be allowed to have a way for normal member's art to get in there too.  Should there be perhaps a monthly poll of the best artworks where EVERYONE votes on what deserves to go into the featured folder?  There isn't really enough art being submitted every month yet, maybe every two months?
EDIT DEC 3RD: Talking it over with yorkie-pudd, they mentioned they think the idea of tiered members is discouraging and that everyone should get in on the featured folder.  Maybe instead we can do the voting thing for the best of recent submissions, but instead that's a type of contest where the best artist(as voted by all the group members) of that month (or however span of time) get featured in a Journal entry? Still open for ideas and discussion.

I'm also considering making the occasional contest! The group doesn't have points to give, but if members donate we can have a prize pool. We can also offer things like a journal where we showcase winners, art from admins or members (that volunteer), and llamas.
The contests would end up with subjects like photos, drawings, or a specific wee beastie... and would need to be new art to qualify.
Co-contributors wouldn't be allowed to participate in the contests or win any prizes.
Everyone in the group would be allowed to vote on the winners, possibly after the admins have narrowed down the choices.

I'm hoping to get trusted people into the admin of this group.
I want it to become a more inter-active community.

Important questions I want you all to answer!

Does this all seem fair? Is there anything that you think I might do different?
What do you want for the future of this group?
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